FREE is relatively loose knit and gets together monthly to enjoy each others' company and have lunch.  Although referred to as FREE, lunch is not free!

Most months an activity such as a speaker or plant tour is planned along with lunch.   Announcements are posted early in the month for meetings and/or other events which are usually held the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

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Membership Eligibility: Membership is limited to Ford Motor Company retirees with supervisory experience at LL5 (SG 11) or higher level, in Product Engineering, or an organization having frequent contact with Engineers in Product Development and not affiliated in any way with a Ford competitor.

Dues (a.k.a. Subscription Fee): There is a $30 annual membership fee to cover expenses related to website support, audio and video support, speaker’s and guest’s meals, memorials for deceased members, donations to select organizations, and subsidies for certain events.  FREE annual dues are payable upon notification.

Meetings: Meeting activities are arranged on a volunteer basis by our members.  Therefore, active participation is welcome for organizing interesting programs each year. Suggestions are always welcome.

Meetings require a reservation via web site, email or phone call several days before the meeting to assure a known attendance for meeting commitments.  Membership continues to grow and arranging meetings is a significant task.  Occasionally, meeting facilities will accommodate only a limited number, in which case, attendance will be controlled by a first-to-reserve process.  Of course, courtesy requires a cancellation call if a reservation cannot be honored.

Security:  For reasons of confidentiality and security, cell phones, cameras, and other recording devices are not permitted at luncheons or other functions when or where sensitive information might be presented. Material and remarks by speakers are not to be shared with anyone who is not a FREE member.

History:  The FREE organization dates back to 1966; more detailed information is available by clicking on "News", then "FREE Related".